Filtering allows the instrument to ignore unwanted mechanical vibrations or sudden impacts to the scale. Correctly set filtering shortens the time required to output a stable weight value and can increase the accuracy of the reading.
It is suggested to run your system while making adjustments to WAVERSAVER® to create the actual working conditions for the scale system (ie: turn on motors, mixers, augurs, etc. that may affect the scale).
WAVERSAVER® and Num Averages should be set as low as practical for your application to optimize response time.
Live Weight Reading

Step 1 -
Select a WAVERSAVER® setting that stabilizes the Live Weight Reading shown. After making your selection, click Save Parameters to see how your selection performs.

Step 2 -
Set a Num Averages value to minimize the effects of impact to the scale. Usually a setting of 10 is enough to clear small bumps to the scale and product impact events.
Num Averages

Step 3 -
Save your parameters.
Once you have saved your parameters, you are done with this section. Return to the Main Wizard Page
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