Instrument Setup

Step 1 -
Select the Units and select "Change Unit" to save.
Step 2 -
Enter your Operator ID and the Instrument ID. (these may be left blank).
Operator ID
Instrument ID

Step 3 -
Enter the total capacity of the scale.
(Total capacity = sum of load cell capacities less the dead load).
Scale Capacity

Enter the decimal point to set the resolution you want to display. The instrument can not display more than 100,000 divisions.
Decimal Point

Enter the graduation size to set the increment you want to display. The base graduation size is typically the scale capacity divided by 10,000.

Enter the motion tolerance for the scale. Typically set at 3 times the graduation size.
Motion Tolerance

Step 4 -
Save Your Parameters
Once you have saved your parameters, you are done with this section. Return to the Main Wizard Page
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